• Official name: Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Area: 41,526 km2
  • Population: 17,1 million inhabitants
  • Population density: 412 inhab/km2
  • Currency: Euro
  • Official language: Dutch; English is widely spoken
  • Main cities: Amsterdam (capital, 2,8 million inhab), Hague (seat of government, 850 thousand inhab), Rotterdam (1,9 million inhab), Utrecht (630 thousand inhab), Eindhoven (612 thousand inhab), Tilburg (278 thousand inhab), Almere (200 thousand inhab), Groningen (197 thousand inhab), Breda (192 thousand inhab) e Nijmegen (175 thousand inhab)
  • Religion: Roman Catholic (12%), Protestant (13%), others (8%), profess no religion (68%)
  • Government: King Willem-Alexander is the Head of State; the executive power rests with the Council of Ministers led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the legislative power rests with the two chambers: the House of Representatives and the Senate.