• Official name: Kingdom of Spain
  • Area: 504,030 km2
  • Population: 47,3 million inhabitants
  • Population density: 94 inhab/km2
  • Currency: Euro
  • Official language: Castilian, Catalan, Basque and Galician
  • Main cities: Madrid (capital, 3,4 million inhab), Barcelona (1,7 million inhab), Valencia (800 thousand inhab), Seville (692 thousand inhab), Zaragoza (682 thousand inhab), Malaga (580 thousand inhab), Murcia (460 thousand inhab), Palma de Mallorca (425 thousand inhab)
  • Religion: Catholic (68%), other religion (10%), Atheist (14%), Agnostic (8%)
  • Government: Spain is a secular parliamentary democracy and a constitutional democracy, in which King Felipe VI is the Head of State, the executive power is composed by a Council of Ministers headed by the Government President Pedro Sánchez, and the legislative power falls to the Cortes Generales (the Parliament) composed of a lower house, the Congress of Deputies and an upper house, the Senate.