• Official name: Kingdom of Belgium
  • Area: 30,668 km2
  • Population: 11,5 million inhabitants
  • Population density: 375 inhab/km2
  • Currency: Euro
  • Official language: Dutch, French and German (in the border area with Germany)
  • Main cities: Brussels (capital, 3,8 million inhab), Antwerp (1,2 million inhab), Ghent (264 thousand inhab), Charleroi (203 thousand inhab), Liège (197 thousand inhab), Bruges (119 thousand inhab), Namur (110 thousand inhab), Leuven (102 thousand inhab)
  • Religion: Catholic (54%), Protestant (3%), Muslim (5%), 21% profess no religion
  • Government: Belgium is a federal constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy, with a Federal Parliament composed by the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives; King Philippe I is the Head of State, and the Federal Government is led by Alexander De Croo